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Unique Storyworlds from Fantasy to Comedy

100 Lives

upcoming 2o24

Imagine you can live your dream life. Not one, but a hundred times. With each life leaving an impact on the next.


What would you do? Make the world a better place? Get super rich? Conquer space?


It's up to you! Here, your choices shape not just one but a hundred lives.

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Example My Love

My Love

2022 | Partner: Upjers

My Love: Make Your Choice! is a game full of romance, fun, dating, comedy, heartbreak, adventure, suspense and love.

Your choices determine how the story unfolds: Meet new friends, follow your dreams, and maybe even find the love of your life.

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My High School Days Memories

2019 | Partner: Lab Cave Gaming

Live romantic storylines and decide the fate of the characters.


Each decision you make will have a consequence. Find romance, confront betrayal... Choose your story!

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Mission X

2016 | Partner: Carlsen

Mission X is an exciting text adventure series with three seasons: Dark Ride, Last Society and Hidden Island.


Every decision you make has an impact on the course of the story. Choose your path on the map. Jump back if you want to experience a different part of the story. Share crucial situations with your friends.

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